Are you wondering…

“How can Breathexperience support me in my life?” 

Join us to explore that question for yourself. Each Breathexperience Workshop focusses on a specific theme.   Below are some examples … 

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Introduction to Breathexperience (1 or 2 days)

This 2-day workshop immerses you in the principles of allowing, sensing and presence. When you let the breath come and go on its own, trust and well-being will become available to you. 

Breathexperience is a practice you live moment to moment in your daily life. You will discover your breath is always there as a guide and teacher as you learn to listen to its movement. Curiosity becomes the context for your exploration of your unique breath.

(1 day)

An Afternoon Breathexperience Canada workshop with Alisa Kort and Valerie Galvin.

We habitually manage stress in our lives by holding – our breath, our muscles, our thoughts and our feelings. 

When we let our breath come & go on its own and experience the sensation of its movement within us, ease & vitality begin to replace fatigue & anxiety. We find the state of trust that is grounded in sensation, and gives us the resources to meet what life presents us. 

Join us for this 1/2 day workshop and discover a new depth of trust in yourself through Breathexperience. See calendar event here.


Breath Sings! With alisa kort (1 and 2 days)

This is a program which came out of Alisa’s exploration of the relationship between the allowed breath, and ease & truth in singing. She has refined her approach through her 20 years of teaching embodied voice to acting students at the Vancouver Film School. 

Singing is seen as something that only occurs in the exhale. We ‘take’ a breath in order to sing and then we ‘hold the note’. This work is about receiving and slowing down. You allow the impulse of the inhale to deeply touch you and ride the flow of the exhale. Your expression through singing then naturally occurs. 

You will then discover more ease and joy in singing,  expand your perceptions of breath, body and voice, release limiting fears and open yourself to a greater sense of trust in yourself and your vocal expression through the allowed Breath.

This workshop is intended for both experienced singers and those who would like to experience the joy of singing. 



Breath in Leadership with Valerie Galvin (1 day)

Each of us has the power to profoundly influence the atmosphere of the groups within which we live and communicate. It means being fully responsible for our own experience – for the sensations we recognize within ourselves, the emotions we either allow or resist, the intuition we heed or do not, and the thoughts to which we choose to give power. The more we are aware of our experience – physical, emotional and mental – the more we can be at choice, and as leaders, create an atmosphere where receptivity, responsiveness, trust, curiosity and healthy debate are the air we breathe.

This workshop explores how sensing the movement of breath within us, as we let it come and go on its own, gives us the capacity to create an atmosphere of listening – within ourselves, and in all our interactions.



Breath Speaks with Gayle Murphy (1 day)

How we breathe affects who we are, how we feel, and how we respond to the world.

In this Breath Speaks workshop, you will immerse yourself in the experience of listening to your allowed breath – the breath that comes and goes on its own. As you learn to sense your breath without interfering with its natural rhythms, more ease and responsiveness develops.

You will sound, move and speak, inspired by the conscious sensation of breath movement through your body. You will experience your own breath rhythms in relationship to others and recognize the impulse to sound and speak from your breath response. As your breath finds more ease, the resonance and range of your speaking voice will expand.

This workshop is open to everyone and highly recommended for actors and other professional speakers.


Breath into Singing Masterclass with Linda Marie James (1 day)

In Breath into Singing, our intention is to bring the ‘allowing’ and ‘doing’ forces together. Specifically, singers are encouraged to allow the movement of their own natural (allowed) breath in relation to the extension of their exhale (doing) while singing.

Singers will discover that by ‘allowing’ the breath, rather than controlling the breath, there is less tension in the physical body, and therefore less tension in their sound.

The freer voice now becomes its own unique sound rather than one which is generic and controlled. In this way, singers connect with their own natural voice, and find greater access to their emotions as they tell the ‘story’ in song.

Breath into Singing is a masterclass in which Linda Marie will coach singers, through their own repertoire, to find new freedom and authenticity in their singing. 


Breath in Relationship (2 Days)

Discover the intelligence that becomes available through the sensation of the movement of breath while allowing your breath to come and go on its own.

We not only sense our Self, but we possess an extended sensory awareness that allows us to sense others.

Learn how the ability to differentiate the sensation of your own movement of breath from another person’s movement of breath can awaken and maintain the means to stay present with your Authentic Self and live in truthful and balanced relationships with others.


Breathexperience in the Performing Arts (6 x 2-day segments over 1 year)

This unique workshop for actors, singers, dancers, musicians and other performing artists will explore FREEDOM to choose, to risk, to sound, to sing, to move, and to express.

When you allow your breath to come and go on its own, you gain access to a deep well of trust within yourself to be fearlessly creative and to unconditionally participate with other performers.


Breathexperience Intensives

5-6 days in length, 3 to 4 times per year (see our calendar) 

Why an Intensive?

An Intensive takes you out of the demands of day-to-day life and immerses you in the practical processes of  Breathexperience. When you re-emerge into the challenges of your life, you have a new way of listening to how  your breath guides and supports you.  This is your resource - to experience the simple physical sensation of the  movement of your breath, as you respond to the world around you.


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