This individually mentored programme is an opportunity to integrate the transformational power of Breathexperience into your personal and professional life. Through ongoing immersion in the work, you learn to recognize the principles of allowing, presence and sensation as an all-encompassing approach to the development of Self. 


Your initial focus is on Personal Growth and learning the practice of Breath Dialogue (hands-on modality), followed by training in the Practice of Teaching. You will also be supported in integrating the practice of Breathexperience into your professional discipline. 

Upon completion of the training requirements, you will be certified as a Breathexperience teacher and Breath Dialogue practitioner. 

Throughout your training programme, the principles of breath are explored within the following themes: 

  • Breath & Movement

  • Breath & Sound

  • Breath & Relationship 

  • Breath Dialogue (Hands-on modality)


The Professional Practitioner Training is an individually structured process that is approximately 3 ½ years in duration. It incorporates   attendance at quarterly intensives (6 or 10 days), monthly workshops and weekly classes as well as online sessions with teachers and fellow participants. 

The structure of our programme is intended to support the participation of committed participants. We support you to fulfill the certification requirements in a timely manner that enhances your integration of the work. 

For detailed information, please contact us.