Breath & Movement

These group classes incorporate sitting on stools as well as standing. We practice simple movements that both heighten our awareness of the breath moving in our body, and promote greater experience of sensation, presence and allowing. In addition, we explore how voiced sound supports our ability to sense the movement of our breath.

Breath Dialogue

In these 1:1 sessions, the client lies on a low padded table. This practice is called Breath Dialogue because the practitioner listens to the movements of the client’s breath through their hands. Through subtle stretches, the client receives “questions” posed to the breath. These questions invite breath to develop throughout the whole body and being. The process is inspired by listening and responding, rather than directed by a concept planned by the practitioner. 

Breath & Movement classes and Breath Dialogue sessions are complementary approaches that allow you to develop greater ease and deeper awareness of your breath and your being. 

To book a Breath Dialogue session or learn more, please contact one of us directly (see contact page). 


Weekly Schedule

monday | 7-8:15 pm

With Alisa Kort. Contact Alisa to attend.

tuesday | 7-8:15 pm

With Linda Marie James. Contact Linda to attend.

wednesday | 7-8:15 pm

With Gayle Murphy. Contact Gayle to attend. 

saturday | 10-11:30 am

With Alisa Kort. Contact Alisa to attend.



With Valerie Galvin. Contact Valerie to attend.



Class Rates

Drop in | $20

5 Classes | $75 ($15 per class)

10 classes | $150 ($15 per class)

Breath Dialogue | $100.00 (per individual session)

*First class is always free!