Suzanne Bennett | Actress and Educator

As a performer, I was always told to breathe, but I don’t think I ever really understood much about it, other than the necessity for it. I believed that it was something I had to somehow control. After losing my voice entirely, I began searching for new ‘ways in’. I never realized how much power and vitality could be accessed by making contact with this most basic and essential process. From my very first contact with this work, I knew it would be important and life-changing, and it has become the “touchstone” for everything I do.

Leanne Page | Singer and Harpist

Hi Alisa,

I just wanted to say thank you to you and Jeurg. I was just playing my harp and for the very first time I feel breath flowing through my playing. There is an awareness of the space between the notes, between the sounds and my natural flow of breath, which I am now waiting for and sensing, is directly informing my phrasing.

It seems logical that this would be but I don’t think I’ve ever really understood or felt this.

It is a beautiful, healing sensation for me and I am so grateful that you have introduced me to my own sense of breath which is myself.

Mikal Grant | Teaching & Acting Faculty at VF

I had the pleasure of attending the Breath Sings series of workshops at MIBE’s Vancouver studio. It was a deepening of a practice that I have begun as a singer and a teacher of voice and song and movement. The work has allowed me the time to rediscover the allowed breath in a safe space where I can reveal my doubts and limitations and be aware of the dialogue as it unfolds. I walk in with no expectations and walk out with breath and outcomes I did not dream of. My ability to stay in my own breath in teaching situations has shifted and has become a practice instead of a visitation. I have shifted many old beliefs and have opened many new possibilities. I see that there is no end to my learning and so appreciate the gifted guidance and care in the class by Alisa Kort. I have worked with her for over 25 years and see her continued dedication to growth, which inspires me as I journey through my own. Thank you!

Lisa Waines | Actor and Singer

Alisa Kort’s Breath Sings! has allowed me to feel freedom and joy in singing again. Thank you, Alisa!

Having been an “actor who sings”, I have always felt at a disadvantage musically to “singers who act”. This has created an insecurity that has at times prevented me from auditioning for roles that I’m sure I could have fun with. However, Alisa’s guidance and the safe learning environment she creates allows the possibility of ALL of me to sing- even the insecure part -which results in a whole realm of perceived sensations including greater permission, freedom and joy while singing.

Barb Kmeic | Writer and Editor

The experience of connecting with the “allowed breath” is profound and quietly life-changing. The ability to connect with breath is the ability to be more fully present and at ease in every moment. For me it has been a gradual process, deepening the longer that I practice. It is a process of gentle reconnection with self and with the joy of being alive. Beautifully healing. Middendorf Breath Work with Linda Marie James has been a blessing and gift. I highly recommend it!!