“To our ordinary consciousness, breathing only serves to maintain our body. But if we go beyond our mind, breathing can open up a completely new foundation for our life.”


What is Breathexperience?

Breathexperience is a somatic practice that is based on the allowed breath – the breath that comes and goes on its own without interference. Breath reflects every aspect of our life, on all levels of being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When we participate consciously in sensing breath movement without control, we access inner resources which support balance, health and vitality. Breath becomes our teacher and healer.

How does this happen?

Breath & Movement

We sense the movements in our body that are initiated by breath… breath that comes and goes on its own in an ever-continuing act of filling and emptying, receiving and giving, creating our individual breath rhythm. In Breath & Movement classes, we practice simple movements that heighten awareness of breath moving throughout the whole body. This makes us aware of the reality that we are a 3-dimensional, substantial, moving, breathing body. 

The Three Principles

  • Allowing – letting the breath come and go on its own
  • Sensing – sensing the movement of breath
  • Presence – participating fully in sensing the movement

Breath Dialogue

In hands-on sessions, the client lies on a low padded table. This practice is called Breath Dialogue because the practitioner listens to the movements of the client’s breath through their hands. Through subtle stretches, the client receives “questions” posed to the breath. These questions invite breath to develop throughout the whole body and being. The process is inspired by listening and responding, rather than directed by a concept planned by the practitioner.