This program is an opportunity to experience the transformational power of Breathexperience, in your personal and professional life. Through ongoing immersion in the work, you learn to recognize the principles of allowing, presence and sensation as an all-encompassing approach to the development of Self. The first year focuses on Personal Growth. The following years incorporate further development and the practice of teaching for certification as a Professional Breathexperience Practitioner. Upon certification, you will be an authorized Breathexperience teacher and Breath Dialogue practitioner. You will also be supported in integrating the practice of Breathexperience into your professional discipline. 

During each segment, the principles of breath are explored within the following themes: 

  • Breath & Movement
  • Breath & Sound
  • Breath & Relationship
  • Breath Dialogue (Hands-on modality)

Program structure:

The 3+ year training program is divided into three blocks:

  • Block I: Focus on Personal Growth (4 segments)
  • Block II: Introduces the Practice of Teaching (4 segments)
  • Block III: Full Practitioner Certification (7 segments)

Each segment is either 6 days or 10 days in duration, taking place every quarter. 

For detailed information, please contact us and/or download the attached PDF.